How to wear sparkly clothes without looking tacky

There is a delicate balancing act to achieve when wearing sparkly clothes. You want your glitter and sequins to stand out, but too much can be garish and prevent you from looking as stylish as intended. Here are a few ways to ensure you get that balance right.

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For formal evening wear, you will want a longer dress and minimal accessories for maximum sophistication. If you are out in a nightclub for the evening, you can afford to be a bit more exuberant. The flashing lights will catch your sequins but will help to avoid anyone looking too closely. You can even wear your sequinned outfit for more everyday wear as long as you think about layering and accessories.


It is possible to be shiny without wearing sequins. Patent leather or metallic effects can be a good balance between sparkle and refined. You can still choose your sparkling accessories, but the overall effect will not be overwhelming.


A small section of sequins here and there can draw the eye in an otherwise more sedate outfit; for instance, a glittery or beaded belt or neckline will emphasise your figure and help to complete your overall look, as will some shiny jewellery. You can feel stylish without too much effort.


Similarly, confining the sparkle to your shoes and/or bag helps you to avoid overdoing the shine. Obviously, jewellery is the quickest way to add sparkle to any outfit. If you are wearing one of your simpler midi dresses from a retailer such as, you can allow your accessories to be the real standout feature.

Sequinned dress

A dress with a high neckline will look more sophisticated, even when it is covered with sequins from top to toe. It also means you do not have to worry about wearing jewellery around your neck. If you are going with sequins all over, it is good to go for a simpler design. If you want accessories, perhaps go for black or another neutral colour.


With all that sparkle in your outfit, you do not need it in your makeup. Going for matte shades in your blusher and eyeshadow will flatter without overdoing it and allow the focus to remain where you want it to stay – on the dress.

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