How Men Should Wear Jewelry

How Men Should Wear Jewelry

Are you a guy or do you know a guy that likes wearing jewelry? Rule number one, what women can wear and what men can wear in the way of jewelry are totally different. Did you ever really look at the types of jewelry women wear and compare that to what men wear? Women have always adorned themselves with jewelry, men not so much or at least not in modern time. Back in the time of ancient Egyptian both men and women were covered in jewels. Twenty-first century people (some but not all) are a little bit more conservative. The way jewelry is worn also varies between men and women. Women wear jewelry to act as a centerpiece while men wear jewelry to complement to their outfit. According to an article, men should not wear chunky jewelry that is big and showy. They should focus on wearing jewelry that appears natural and timeless. Men should never wear anything that is considered costume jewelry (aka fake jewelry). Jewelry that is big and chunky with jewels is reserved for women. Manly jewelry should be trendy and stylish but not necessary noticeable but rather blends with their outfit. Some examples of necklaces that are good for men to wear include: dog tags, chains, chokers, religious emblems, and pendants. One of the latent purposes of jewelry is to send visual signals without you even having to say anything. For example, wearing a wedding ring says that you are married without you having to say you are married. Some simple rules for men to follow who want to wear jewelry include: knowing any meaning behind the jewelry before you wear it, wearing a something simple such as a silver watch or cufflinks, making sure you always follow any dress code when wearing your jewelry at work or school, how and where it should be placed on your body, and making sure your metals match the other metals.

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