How Sleeve Length Affects Your Entire Look

You might think that the length of your sleeves should purely be dictated by the time of year and the weather. How wrong you would be! Sleeve length is crucial to your overall look – the eye can play tricks on the observer.

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Here are the broad categories.

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Sleeveless Styles

This includes simple thin straps over the shoulders as well as halter necks. Be bold and don’t assume that you need to have slim arms to carry off this style confidently. A sleeveless top gives an unbroken line, so even if your arms are not trim and tanned, to a casual observer they will come across as longer and leaner.

Short Sleeves

– These include cap sleeves, which are a staple of summer fashion. These finish at the widest part of the arm. These sleeves can fall parallel to the bust, drawing the eye to that area, so beware.
– Traditional short sleeves fall lower on the arm than caps, but still have the effect of widening the arm and drawing attention to the bust.
– Flutter sleeves are the same length as short sleeves but in a looser style so more flattering to wider arms.
– Half sleeves should finish at the elbow, but of course with all of these styles it does depend on the length of your arms. They can feel awkward and be less elegant.

If you are looking for a black maxi dress, it comes in a variety of sleeve styles. The black maxi dress comes in sleeveless styles, including the halter neck, as well as short and longer length sleeves. Take some inspiration from the black maxi dress at AX Paris.

If you are interested in tracing the history of fashion and dress styling, take a look at the V&A website:

Long Sleeves

– This includes three-quarter-length sleeves. These are not only versatile but also very flattering. This is a fashion for all seasons. These sleeves end where your waist narrows, so avoid this length if you need the eye to be drawn elsewhere.
– Full-length sleeves move the attention down to the hips. If you do have particularly short arms, long sleeves may well draw attention to this fact. In addition, you may have to spend more money and effort on having sleeves shortened.

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